Advent 2020


Advent Week 1   Click here for an Intro to Advent video

November 29First Sunday of Advent         I will spend a few extra minutes in prayer today.                    Prayer of Gratitude (From the Desk of the Principal)     “Jesus is Coming” coloring page

November 30       I will do my work well today and with joy for God.       Family Coloring Page = Make a paper Advent Wreath for home

December 1         I will be kind in a special way to someone today.    Create a 3-D Advent Wreath – Click here for instructions.   -Click here for the printable pages

December 2      I will obey my parents, my teachers and others in charge of me.                                       Teachers & Parents:  Make a window decoration using your students’ hands.

December 3     I will secretly do a kind act for someone.   St. Francis Xavier Feastday.    All StudentsClick here to learn about St. Francis Xavier       MII, MIII, and adults – Click here to watch a short video about St. Francis Xavier

December 4     I will try to show special love for someone who seems alone.   Teachers & Families:  Click here for a set of Advent Cards with simple Bible verses that students can share with others during Advent

December 5    I will keep calm and not lose my temper.   Students:  Listen to some Christmas songs.  Find some of your favorites and play them often. Click here to hear “Christmas Collage” by Kathy Mattea. 


Advent Week 2    Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

December 6 — Second Sunday of Advent   I will donate like-new toys and books I’ve outgrown to needy families.       St. Nicholas Feastday   Families =   Click here to watch a video about St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, fishermen and more!   Families = Click here to enjoy a video of children preparing for a Christmas Pageant.  (Video by The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir)    Coloring Page =  Advent is Here – An Empty Manger  Another Coloring Page = John the Baptist and Jesus – from today’s gospel

December 7  I will work hard today and do my best.  Families & Teachers = Click here for a video about the 2nd week of Advent.    Coloring Page = Click here for a poster.  The Lord Has Done Great Things For Us.  We Are Filled With Joy!

December 8   I will honor Mary in a very special way today.  Immaculate Conception of Mary   Pray =  Pray the Hail Mary (Click here)   Pray the Memorare (Click here)   Coloring Pages = Immaculate Conception Coloring Page (for younger kids)     Immaculate Conception Coloring Page (for older kids and adults)

December 9   I will do some work for my parents to help them rest after a day of work.  Families = Watch a Christmas movie together.  Here are some websites with Christmas movie suggestions:     25 Best Christmas Movies for Kids       35 Best Kids’ Christmas Movies (Includes movie ratings)         41 Best Christmas Movies for Kids

December 10   I will eat more of what is good today and less of what is not.  Click here to see how to make some healthy Christmas snacks.

December 11   I will be satisfied with the things I have instead of asking for more.  Click here to make Christmas Tree Ornaments  (Found this and the Second Week of Advent video at    –  Neat website)

December 12   I will ask Mary to help me make room for Jesus in my heart.   Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe  –  Video  = Click here to watch a video of the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Apologies:  Spoiler Alert:  There are some ads for Catholic items and websites in the final minute of the video.)  Coloring Pages = For different ages….  Picture 1         Picture 2        Picture 3       Click here to read about the symbols in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Advent Week 3    Guadete Sunday

December 13   I will find a quiet place and sit for a few minutes and think about all the blessings in my life.  Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice.
Indeed, the Lord is near!  For young children = Color the priest’s vestment rose  For everyone = Color JOY!

December 14   I will try to be more thoughtful of others.  Click here for a video about Guadete Sunday   For everyone = Think about the people in your life and the good things they do.  Write thank you notes to them.  Click here for some thank you notes to color and share.

December 15   I will try to be more patient today.  Click here to listen to Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel by CrossPoint Worship   Emmanuel coloring pages:  Emmanuel 1      Emmanuel 2      Emmanuel 3

December 16   I will do something to help my parents today.  Children of all ages:  Create chore cards to give to your parents.   Click here for age appropriate chores.    Click here for sample chore cards.

December 17   I will speak kindly to all I meet today.   Decorate some rocks with kind words.  Leave them in a park or a playground where others can find them.  Click here for 20 ideas for Rock Decorating

December 18   I will be helpful at home these last days before Jesus’ birthday.  Click here to learn how to make a prayer chain

December 19   I will not complain today, even if I must do things I don’t like.  For example:  Clean your room without being asked.  Wash the dishes or take out the garbage at home without being asked.  Click here for a Kindness Poster

  Advent Week 4

December 20   I will thank God for all he gives to me.  For families = Watch a short video on the religious symbolism of the Christmas tree  For Students = Click here to decorate your own Christmas tree.    For older students = Click here for coloring a tree for older students and adults  For Younger students = Click here for coloring a Christmas tree

December 21   I will give a smile to all I meet today.   Click here for some coloring pages that will make people smile.

December 22   I will be grateful and thank God for all the food I have.  Click here for more ideas of healthy Christmas food ideas.

December 23   I will do a kind act for each member of my family.  Click here for Family Bonding Activities for Christmas.

December 24   I welcome Jesus with great love and offer him all the good acts I have performed and have said during Advent.  Play Christmas songs:   Mary, Did You Know? (Kathy Mattea)    Silent Night (Carrie Underwood)      Hallelujah, It’s Christmas (38 Special)  What Child is This? (Josh Groban)   Click here to watch the best Christmas video of the season!

December 25  Merry Christmas!                          –Coming Soon–