Parent/Student Handbook


Prince of Peace School, in partnership with parents/guardians, is committed to the quality education of the whole child: spiritually, morally, physically, and intellectually. In our Christian, value-centered school, we strive to create a positive learning environment with traditional and Montessori curriculums that take into account the students different learning styles. As well as equipping the students with the necessary skills to succeed, our curriculum provides opportunities to help students develop self-esteem, personal responsibility and Christian standards of behavior. We encourage students to hold themselves to these Christian standards by teaching and modeling respect for the dignity of all people.

As an urban Catholic school, we continually strive to create an atmosphere enlivened by the gospel spirit that will lead our students to assume responsibility in the community in which they live. In keeping with the gospel value of stewardship, we encourage local and global outreach. We cherish a diverse student population with regard to economic, religious, academic, ethnic and social realities of our children. We do this by stressing love and respect for God, self, and others.

At Prince of Peace we are committed to caring leadership, competent teaching, and cooperative endeavors with students and parents, as well as with professionals in the community and our parishes. It is only through working together that we can best serve our students.


Prince of Peace Catholic School exists to teach children to

and thereby builds a foundation for a faith-filled future.

A full version of the student handbook is available HERE.