Attention Volunteers!

We rely heavily on assistance from parents and friends and we strongly encourage you to get involved with Prince of Peace School.  All volunteers and coaches must comply with Diocesan requirements and the following steps to complete the Virtus process.

1. Register, sign up, and attend a session titled “Protecting God’s Children.”

  1. Log onto www.virtus.org
  2. Select ‘Registration.’  (on the green bar on the left)
  3. Select ‘view a list of sessions.’
  4. Select your organization:  Covington, KY  (Diocese)
  5. View the locations and times of sessions.
  6. Select ‘Start Registration.’
  7. Create a user I.D. and a Password.  (Use ones you will remember and/or write them down because you will need to use them again.) Continue.  Provide the requested information.

2.  Request copies of two forms from the school office:

  1. The ‘2007’ form shows that you are in agreement with the diocesan booklet addressing sexual misconduct. This booklet is available on the www.covingtondiocese.org website under 2007 Diocesan Policy in the Child and Youth Protection section on the right hand side.
  2. The ‘Volunteer Application’ provides information that will be used to run a background check.

3.  Return the completed ‘2007’ form and the ‘Volunteer Application’ to the school office.

4.  Read and answer online monthly bulletins by going to your account at the virtus.org website.  (You will receive a monthly reminder by e-mail.)