To Catholic School Families, from Michael Clines Superintendent of Schools

March 12, 2020

Dear Catholic School Families,

As we continue to deal with COVID-19 for our 39 schools that reside in six counties, we understand the concerns, demographics and various communities involved with school decisions.

Our schools have been forwarding to their community information received from the Northern Kentucky Health Department, focusing on disinfecting facilities and putting safety measures in place, which is normal protocol. I want to commend our administrators, faculty and staff, students and you for all that is accomplished on a daily basis to create a healthy and safe learning environment.

Public school districts have been charged to be prepared to close as early as Monday, March 16. At this time, it is not mandated that public school districts be closed.

Our Catholic schools are preparing like the public schools to close as early as Monday, March 16 and to adhere to future recommendations driven by medical experts statewide and nationwide.

Our administrators, faculty and staff are working diligently to plan for continued “at-home” instruction during any possible extended absence. The instruction will be directed at the school level. Bishop Foys has approved that the instruction provided by the schools while the students are absent will count as regular school days.

Catholic schools not previously scheduled to be closed will be open on Friday, March 13, and no decision to close has been made for Monday, March 16, or the following days.

Our Catholic schools are such wonderful places to grow spiritually, educationally, emotionally, physically and socially; it is at times like this that the foundation of our Catholic faith, parish and school communities will provide us with the wisdom and courage to meet any challenge.

Please pray for guidance and direction for the thoughts and actions of all during this time.

Yours in Catholic education,

Michael Clines
Superintendent of Schools