Letter from Mr. Barkley March 19, 2020


Prince of Peace Catholic Montessori


Dear Parents,

As you well know, Governor   Beshear charged all public and private schools to close physically for the next two weeks.  We are praying that school will reopen on the 30th and normalcy can take place again. The Pope has asked that all pray on Friday at 9pm for healing. I’m with him on that and I hope you can join in this prayer vigil. Also, Fr. Mick is saying mass on Fri at 8:45 am. It may be the last time for a while.

As a result Prince of Peace Catholic Montessori has implemented Non- Traditional Instructional methods to meet state requirements during this two week period. These will be counted as school days at home for our students. The content may be digital and hard copy. Students are required to complete all assignments for grades and academic credit. Our teachers will maintain an online presence daily and parents/students will have the opportunity to correspond regarding lessons, instruction and grading of student work.  Work can be dropped off on the porch, collected, assessed and returned. The plastic collection containers/baskets labeledwith room numbers are being utilized to place work in. Please make sure your work has your name and room number on it! We may have to continue this process if the situation doesn’t improve.

We certainly regret that this pandemic may create an additional financial burden for parents. It certainly has hurt our economy. However, through NTI, our teachers are still working and accepting extra burdens of their own and student expectations to learn and master content are still in place. Consequently, the student physical absence from school will not result in a tuition break or credit.

I hope you can respect our efforts and decisions as we strive to provide the best non- traditional learning experience for your child during this very trying time for our region, country and world. By the Grace of God, we will work through this together.


Mr. Tony Barkley

Principal – Prince of Peace Catholic Montessori

625 West Pike Street Covington KY 41011